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Layout Management - a few questions.

  • So, I'm nearly done with my second layout management:
    !http://i.epvpimg.com/h71pg.png(picture goes here)!

    Now, I've got two questions.
    (1) I want to let the "Swells" Groupbox and Table resize horizontally, all the other groupboxes/widgets shouldn't resize horizontally. How?
    (2) I want the "Swells Copy" Groupbox and Table resize vertically, the "Crescendo" groupbox shouldn't resize. How?
    (3) Also, how can I dynamically change the horizontal DefaultSectionSizes of the QTableWidgets when the window resizes? So that they fit.

  • Hi, to (1) and (2):
    You can do that by using sizePolicy and/or setting minimumSize/maximumSize for GroupBox and Table.
    You might also put all elements into one GridLayout and use the spacers.
    AFIK the changing of DefaultSectionSize must be coded separately.

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