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Accessing text between two QWebElement objects in DOM

  • I am traversing a DOM using Qt's WebKit classes. Please have a look on the following pseudo HTML:

    @<br>111<a class="node">AAA</a>
    <br>222<a class="node">BBB</a>

    I can easily find the anchors using findAll(). However I also need to get the text before the elements ("111" and "222"). I tried to use previousSibling() but of course that gives me the <br> element since the "111" and "222" texts are no elements.

    I found a function to access text within an element, but how can I access between the <br> and the <a> elements?

  • You can use JavaScript. First find anchors, and then:
    @QString textBeforeAnchor = anchorElement.evaluateJavaScript("this.previousSibling.textContent").toString();@

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