Database backup, restoring and duplication

  • I'm new to Enginio service, and I'm wondering if it is possibile to download all data of an app for make a backup, and if it is possibile to restore all data to a previous state (loading from a backup), and finally if it is possible to duplicate an app, so to fork the current data in two different databases.


  • There is no export and restore functionality as such for now.

    Of course you could make a backup simply by pulling all the data with API and again upload it back if needed. In this scenario you would have to make sure no references are broken which would likely require some additional logic on your client side. Basically it depends on how complex structure you want to backup.

    Similarly you could create copies of your app, but again this would probably require some manual setup and configuring depending on your Enginio backend complexity.

  • Hi Gianluca,

    I've written a "small tool": to help testing and for doing backup / restore or tinker with data. As kalaakso has said, reference between objects are broken if you export and import data, as the objects ID will change. It works well for simple data structures though.

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