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Qt Installer Framework - Translations

  • Hello,
    How do I add a .qm translation file correctly to the installer framework? I used the de_de.ts file from the installer to generate a de_de.qm file, now I want to add this to the installer, I tried in the config.xml:

    this has no effect (but according to "the documentation":http://qt-project.org/doc/qtinstallerframework-1.5/ifw-globalconfig.html it should work), so I tried adding it to the package.xml the same way, this worked, but not as expected. The Installer is not translated befor the component selection page. The welcome page and installation folder page are english, half of the component selection page is german and the confirm page is complete german.

    How do I add the .qm file correctly to get a complete translation of the installer?

    Sorry if this question was asked before, but the search function of the forum didn't work, stays on "Loding..." for over 5 minutes.

    On Linux the translation works as expected.

  • I'm also looking for a solution to this problem.

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