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Strange ListView behavior

  • Hello,

    I have problems with strange behavior of ListView, which is controlled by a model from Python (PySide). I already asked at PySide mailing list, but I didn't get any helpful answer.

    Since I believe the problem is caused by the QML part, I'll post my problem here. Please get the test application "here":

    What id should and what id does is following. The applications shows a ListView with 5 items. There are 2 buttons - "All" and "Reduce". All button should show all 5 items, Reduce button shows only first 2. But if you try the application, it behaves incorrectly. for example try to press "Reduce" 2 times, you'll get empty delegates. If you press "Reduce" and "All", only 3 items are displayed.

    There might be a bug in my code, but I can't find it. It seems to me it's rather a QML error.

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