• Is it possible to add kinetic scrolling to a project like the one provided by Nokia Qt SDK => "Creating a mobile application with Nokia Qt SDK"?
    The applications base class is QDialog.
    Following the QsKineticScroller article http://blog.codeimproved.net/2010/12/kinetic-scrolling-with-qt-the-what-and-the-how/ I've tried within the constructor:

    @QsKineticScroller *scroller = new QsKineticScroller(this);
    QAbstractScrollArea *area = new QAbstractScrollArea(this);

    But nothing happened. What's wrong here?

  • Line 3 looks very suspicious. Setting the parent as the contents of a child? That doesn't sound right...

  • OK - so how to set the QAbstractScrollArea to the parent widget?
    Thank you!

  • Errr... perhaps you should explain to us what you want to achieve. You are not making much sense. A parent widget can not be "set to" (?) a widget that is a child of that same parent. Makes at little sense as claiming that your grandmother is your child.

  • I would like to get a scrollable dialog that contains multiple line edits, progress bars and other display widgets.

    I wonder if it's possible to define a QAbstractScrollArea that covers the whole dialog (designed by the designer of Qt Creator). If yes this area should be given to enableKineticScrollFor().

    Is this approach possible?
    If not - what would be the right way?
    Thank you!

  • Yes. It is.
    Simply do exactly as you describe above: create a Qt form class in designer, put a big scroll area on it (not QAbstractScrollArea, "abstract" classes are not meant for direct use but for subclassing), and put the widgets you want on that. Give the scroll area a name like "scrollArea" Should work like a charm.

    Now, in code, add a few lines to the constructor of your class (the one where'll find the setupUi call), and simply add:

    QsKineticScroller *scroller = new QsKineticScroller(this);

  • Great - it works fine.
    Hoever - I had to disable "widgetResizable" for the scrollArea to get scrolling.
    Is this ok?

    Thank you for your help!

  • I try to put webView widget on the scrollArea but seems like it doesn't work.. should it be working on webView or not?

    Thanks in advance,

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