[Solved] - QWebView - possible function?

  • Hi,

    I just found out about QWebView, this widget is incredible by the way. A web browser that works out of the box on all OS? sure!

    I just want to know if those feature are available or If i'll have to code it :

    1- Is it possible to have a default address bar, basically just update the URL with whatever site the QWebview is on, and has the default behavior (enter pressed --> go to site) etc.
    2- Is it possible to have video player support (flash, html5) - [Edit: Yes! Fixed by downloading the latest flash on firefox and installing it on my system, great!]
    [Edit2: With the nice signals on QWebView I took 5min to code, I should check before posting, <3 Qt! ]

    Thanks you !

  • yeah it should be easy to add your own address bar, I don't think there is some UI built in other the web view itself :)

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