Trouble with QAxObject

  • Good day every one.

    I have some trouble with QAxObject’s initialization. The programm must read a .doc file, which why i use QAxObject and compare this file with some StringList. But i don’t understand whats goin on, when i try simply open my file. I look up some code examples, but they give me ERROR-Segmentation fault. Here it is:
    @QAxObject* docA = Doc->querySubObject("ActiveDocument()");
    QAxObject* words = docA->querySubObject("Words()");
    Here is full code:

    @void Dialog::WorkWithWord(QString &fileName)
    QAxObject* Word = new QAxObject("Word.Application",this);
    QAxObject* Doc = Word->querySubObject("Documents");
    Word->dynamicCall("SetVisible(bool)", false);
    Doc->dynamicCall("Open(QString&)", QString(fileName).replace("/", "\"));
    QAxObject* docA = Doc->querySubObject("ActiveDocument()");
    QAxObject* words = docA->querySubObject("Words()");
    QString textResult, searchString;
    char *found =NULL;
    int count = 0;
    int countWord = words->dynamicCall("Count()").toInt();

    for (int a=1;a<=countWord;a++)

    for (int x = 0; x < rowOfSignature.size(); ++x)
    searchString = rowOfSignature[x];
    found = strstr(textResult.toLocal8Bit().data(),searchString.toLocal8Bit().data());
    if (found)
    if (count>=3)
    else ui->textEdit_no->append(fileName);

    delete docA;
    delete Doc;
    delete words;

    And that’s all for now.

    Many thank in advance for any attention to this problem.

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