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Silent Installation of Qt for Windows 7

  • Hello,

    I want to silently install Qt Framework 4.5.3 and Qt Eclipse Integration 1.6.1 for Windows 7. Our developers need both programs in exactly this versions.
    I try to install them via /S, but they won't completely install. In both cases, many files are missing in the installation folder. Is there any way to fix this?

    Also, I heard that I can use the /D-Switch to set the Installation directory, which doesn't work.

    Is there any switch to set the components which should be installed?


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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Where did you download these packages from?

  • Both installers have been downloaded in 2010 by my predecessor when he made the package for Windows XP

    The Framework can be downloaded from but for the Eclipse integration there seems to be no more official download page. It could still be found on some other pages such as

  • I made my setup with AutoIt, because it seems there is no proper way to silently install Qt Framework and Integration...

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