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QT 4.8.2 Autodesk version

  • I have been trying for some time now to get the special 4.8.2 version of QT from Autodesk to work with no luck.

    I have gone to Autodesk and downloaded their version of 4.8.2 that they have sanctioned for building plugins for Maya 2014. I have followed the instructions to make the library. But apparently, I'm missing something. When its all finished, it appears to be missing a part that would allow it to include it in QT Creator. I see no qmake

    The problem I fear is my mac is newer and uses Maverick 10.9.2. Anyone have any advice?

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    Got any configure/build error/warnings ?

    Also note that the first version of Qt 4 supporting Mavericks is 4.8.6

  • I have tons of build warnings. I just think this isn't going to work. I installed the latest QT Creator 3.0.1 which has installed Qt 5.2.1. I can compile fine with that.

    The odd thing is, I can actually build plugins for Maya 2014 using Qt 5.2.1 and they run. But I am trying to do some socket programming and between all the inexperience I have with QT and Socket Programming, whenever the plugin crashes, I get this pesky thought that I shouldn't be using Qt 5.2.1 inside Maya. So I went on a wild run for Qt 4.8.2 and that really isn't working.

    It seems like I may not need QT to write a Maya plugin socket client. I just thought that QT would make it easier. I should know better. Anything that appears easy always turns into hours of frustration eventually. ;(

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    Then first thing you should do is get the socket part working without anything else. Once that is done, you can start adding more features and use Qt (you might also be able to use Qt for the socket part)

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