QT5 can't run .exe without QT - Win8.1

  • Hi,

    I read nearly all posts about this problem but i still didn't found any solution.
    When i'm running my QTProject .exe outside of Qt , i get " 10000000" .dll missing errors.
    After inserting the normal QT.dll's "10000000" procedure entry errors appear.

    I used dependency walker to check my exe and there it says it misses many API-MS-xxxxxx files.

    Is there any solution to make it just work, without any errors?.......

  • Hi, if you start your app from a CMD window, i.e.
    start a CMD, first run the qtenv2.bat file in Qt's bin directory (to setup a path to Qt's dlls), cd to your apps' build directory and then run your app, what errors are shown?

  • hmm, in cmd it works without any errors,
    but using the Windows Explorer and click on .exe doesn't work.

    i don't understand it.......

  • i also tried to run my app as admin in the explorer, now it works.
    why do i need the admin rights for a simple .exe?

  • Is it an empty project or did you add some code? If so, mabye you're writing a file in C:\ or trying to print/read the whole screen, or something else that Win8.1 restricts access to.

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