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  • Hi
    I am trying to get QCompleter to behave as follows -
    complete folder names but only show files with a given extension
    So for example

    C:\ - user sees all folders under C
    C:\my - user sees all folders that match
    C:\myFolder\a - user sees all folders that match + any files that match a*.myext

    I have played with the various options in QDirModel and QFileSystemModel but cannot find the correct combination.

    Is this possible with QCompleter as it is or do I need to derive from it to get some extra functionality?


  • Because of the strange requirement that "C:\my" only lists matching folders and "C:\myFolder\a" matches both files and folders, I suspect you will have to derive a class from QFileSystemModel and implement your own match().

    Why shouldn't "C:\my" list matching files and folders?

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