Problem with QCreator 3.0.1 and Mac

  • Hi, I'm a newbie and I'm sorry for my bad english!!!
    Yesterday I downloaded QtCreator 3.0.1 based on Qt5.2.1, today i try to follow a basic tutorial, but when I go to the Terminal of my Mac Osx 10.9.2 (mavericks) I have a big problem.
    It returns a error because he can't find qmake.

    I find some information on internet that says to create a bash file and insert in it a path.
    Nothing well!!! I think that the path is due to the position of gcc's qmake, (I think that reading the example path found on internet). But I can't find the folder gcc, i've only executable gcc in my usr directory...maybe due to the version of my OS...

    Could you help me?

    However I can use Xcode, but in that case i need Qt Designer, where i can find it?

  • Hi, QtCreator should work fine on your Mac, let's see:

    first start Xcode. open About Xcode, check you have version 5.1
    then, about gcc, that's the old compiler, now you use clang, it's in /usr/bin/clang
    to find Qt Designer, go to the directory where you installed Qt, then open 5.2.1, clang_64 and bin, inside you'll find

  • Ok so you say i need to install Xcode? I already see the clang and gcc inside qtcreator's preferences...

    So the path I need is the one with clang and not gcc? Now I stopped my computer so I can't see, but you say I must find it in usr?

  • Actually you need to have both Xcode and the Command Line tools installed.

    You can check: open QtCreator, Preferences, Build & Run and select the Kits tab. Look under Auto-detected, if it says "Desktop Qt 5.2.1 clang 64-bit" you should be ok.

  • Now i've found the problem, installing Xcode and setting the path to clang-64 instead go gcc I can go to the next step.

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

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