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Subprojects and long build time?

  • Hello

    Recently Im developing a little project with unit tests. There are Main project which is contain of one subproject - QtApplication and several Unit tests subproject. The problem is when I build only application and click start all ut's projects start to build - I don't' want it! I want to build and run only application project without bulding any subprojects. My Qt creator tree looks like this:


    • ApplicationProject
    • UT1
    • UT2

    application and uts are on the same tree level. how can I change qt creator behaviour? I don't want to build all main project when i click build/run


  • If you have not modified files from UT sub-projects then make will not build them unless you modified some files in the main project and the tests depend on that files.

    I think you can right click on sub-project and tell qtcreator to build only that sub-project.

    Another option will be to comment out the sub-project which you don't want to build.

  • It's strange that we can chose subproject from targets and when press start it will build all subproject - it's seems that chosing target works only for build not for run. Is it only my feeling that it's unclear behaviour of UI in Qt?

  • Check "this out":
    "Under the Projects tab, go to Run Settings, and you should be able to select it there."

    Another option is to click on fourth icon from bottom of side bar and it will show you all build and run targets.

  • hello again. Ok I found that I can "run project without deployment" and then nothing begin build but I can't debug without building all project! When I chose subproject from left panel and click debug all whole project begin to build and when i have some error in different subproject i cant debug my current subproject its strange and ridiculous behavior. How can I debug subproject without building all projects?

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