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QFTP & Signals

  • Hello,

    A ran into some trouble with QFTP.

    According to some testing, there is a mismatch between the command ID returned by FTP functions(connectToHost,put,login.....) and the ID returned through the ftpCommandFinished signal.

    Actually , one needs to substract 1 from the command ID received in the ftpCommandFinished because connectToHost wrongly get one ID when the function is called but never send any CommandFinished signal :

    As per function call:
    connectToHost = 1

    As per ftpCommandFinished
    connectToHost = Never received

    Looking in the source code: As connectToHost is not a FTP command (just socket connection) it doesn't go through the whole "FTP command" processing but wrongly get a ID ...

  • Follow up:

    The ID(s) in ftpCommandStarted match the ones from the function return calls. More ever connectToHost emits ftpCommandStarted...but as previously stated not the ftpCommandFinished.

    I also get a strange behavior regarding signal order. I receive all ftpCommandStarted after ftpCommandFinished ....Please note i'm in an object moved to a Qthread and the application is console only.

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