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[Solved] [Not possible] How can I connect things from other Header Files which are "not declared in this Scope"?

  • Sorry. Totally forgot to update the Status to solved.


    I am trying to cleanup my "mainwindow.cpp" and "mainwindow.h".

    I have moved some Stuff to "toollist.cpp" and "toollist.h". The following QAction is still in "mainwindow.cpp":

    //Actions fuer Menue Tools...
    toollistWindowsTaschenrechner = new QAction(tr("Windows Taschenrechner"), this);
    connect(toollistWindowsTaschenrechner,SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(WindowsTaschenrechner()));

    During Building+Compiling i get the Error:
    "toollistWindowsTaschenrechner' was not declared in this scope"

    My toollist.h contains:
    explicit Toollist(QObject *parent = 0);
    //Actions fuer Menue Tools...
    QAction *toollistWindowsTaschenrechner;

    The toollist.cpp has the following code:
    void Toollist::WindowsTaschenrechner()

    Maybe i am too dumb but i dont get it: Why does it dont work anymore? If the above Stuff is in the mainwindow.* Files, it compiles without any Error.

    And yes, #include "toollist.h" is in mainwindow.cpp.


  • You need to create an object of Toollist before you can connect any signal/slot connection. I guess that is the difference you had just 1 class before and now you have 2, so you need an objects for both classes to connect them.
    But I don't know to be honest your code snippets look a little weird to me :D

  • [quote author="Xander84" date="1395928169"]You need to create an object of Toollist before you can connect any signal/slot connection. I guess that is the difference you had just 1 class before and now you have 2, so you need an objects for both classes to connect them.
    But I don't know to be honest your code snippets look a little weird to me :D[/quote]

    Ok thanks for the Hint. Going back to the Tutorials...

  • Evening.

    After I took another Look at it, i finally managed to get the Stuff working:

    A.) I created a new Header+CPP File and moved all the Stuuf over there
    B.) Created a class for the Actions and the Menu
    C.) Create and Call the Object of the Class from the "mainwindow.cpp"

    One Error gone. So far so good. But:
    After I have moved all the things to a seperate Header+Class File to get a cleaner mainwindow.cpp, the Compiler now tells me

    "Invalid use of incomplete type QAction"

    sigh -.- Well one thing after another.

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    You are missing

    @#include <QAction>@

    In the cpp file where you are using it

  • ROFL Oh my yes you are right. Such a dumb mistake. I moved all other #include Files over from mainwindow.cpp. But I forgot that one somehow.

    Anyway: I am sure I had remembered this in the next few Minutes but thanks for saving me some time :)

    If nothing else related to this comes up, i will finally declare this Topic as Solved.


    [quote author="SGaist" date="1405368983"]Hi,

    You are missing

    @#include <QAction>@

    In the cpp file where you are using it[/quote]

  • Oh fantastic: Now i get

    "undefined Reference to actionsCreate::createActions" and
    "undefined Reference to menuCreate::createMenu in mainwindow.cpp"

    But the classes and Functions are still in menueactions.h and menueactions.cpp

    In mainwindow.cpp i call:
    //For the Actions...
    actionsCreate newActions;

    //For the Menu...
    menuCreate newMainMenu;

    actionsCreate and menuCreate are the Names of the Classes. createActions and createMenu are the Functions within the classes.

    I have changed nothing. Did a clean -> qmake -> rebuild, restarted Creator but nothing. Strange. It just stopped working.

    Has anyone an Idea?

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    Aren't you moving a bit too much stuff around ? Why a new class for the actions and the menu bar ?

  • I want the mainwindow.cpp as clean as possible. I want to learn to write good and clean code even if i will never make money of it. Its a personal thing.

    But I needed to create Objects of/for the Functions to be able to have a working Menu and creating those classes works for me.

    Is there a better Solution?

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    Then have a look at Qt's example/demos coding style. They are pretty clean.

  • Evening.

    I found a little time and got things to work. Even all Segmentation Faults are gone. But as usual i ran into another Problem:

    Having my Menu and Actions combined into MenueActions.cpp, I now call the Menu and Action Creation like this:

    In MainWindow.cpp:
    //Creating an Object of MenueActions...
    MenueActions mainWindowMainMenu;
    //Using the Object and call MenueActions::createMenu()...

    The Code in MenueActions.cpp -> createMenu() is:
    void MenueActions::createMenu()
    mainWindowMainMenuBar = new QMenuBar(0);

    Datei = new QMenu(0);
    dateiNeu = new QAction(tr("Neue leere Datei erzeugen"), this);
    connect(dateiNeu,SIGNAL(triggered()), this, SLOT(Neu()));
    dateiNeu->setShortcut(QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_N));
    dateiNeu->setWhatsThis(tr("Erzeugt eine neue leere Text Datei"));
    dateiNeu->setStatusTip(tr("Erzeugt eine neue leere Text Datei"));
    dateiNeu->setToolTip(tr("Erzeugt eine neue leere Text Datei"));

    [Cutted out the "same code" for other Menu Entrys...]



    No Errors but the Menu dont show up in the MainWindow of the Application. Using "show();" just execute the Menu (in a second Window). So i disabled that again.

    I am using a Layout. The current Code within mainwindow.cpp is:

    mainWindowWidget = new QWidget(this);

    //Main Layout!
    qGridLayout = new QGridLayout;

    LinkListe = new QTextEdit;

    //Einfacher Texteditor (Zu Beginn nur ein simpler Dateibetrachter!)
    TextEditor = new QTextEdit;
    OpenAntrag = new QTextEdit;
    statusBar = new QStatusBar;
    statusBar->showMessage(tr("I am the Statusbar"), 90000);

    statusBarLayout = new QHBoxLayout;

    layoutLinkListe = new QVBoxLayout;

    layoutTextEditor = new QVBoxLayout;
    layoutOpenAntrag = new QVBoxLayout;
    qGridLayout->addLayout(layoutLinkListe, 0,0);
    qGridLayout->addLayout(layoutTextEditor, 0,1);
    qGridLayout->addLayout(layoutOpenAntrag, 0,2);
    qGridLayout->addLayout(statusBarLayout, 1,0);
    MenueActions mainWindowMainMenu;


    I have found a dozen of Tips for Qt 4.x - but that haven't helped me in anyway: Functions like "exec()" or "run()" are not available under Qt 5.3.1

    Should i create an extra Class and put the Layout and Menu Creation into one?

    Thanks and good night :)

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    There's no need for mainWindowMainMenuBar, QMainWindow already has a menu bar that you can retrieve with menuBar()

    As for why it doesn't show, you don't put it in any layout nor are you calling show on it.

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