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"Skype like" contact list control

  • my project calls for a "skype like" contact list control. These are some of my requirements

    1. graphical representation for the type/status of contact (e.g. busy, free, do not disturb)
    2. the name
    3. depending on status, a few clickable images to the right of the contact name
    4. Ability to multi-select
    5. context menu for each contact row.

    Now, If I was in Win32/.NET/MFC, i'd probably use an owner drawn list view. I guess my question is QListWidget what I'd need to use here?

  • One possible solution would be to create your own item delegate and reimplement "QAbstractItemDelegate::paint() ": and sizeHint().

    The context menu can be handled by the controlling class.

  • There are several ways to do what you want. QTableView (or QTableWidget) and doing it in QML (perhaps in combination with some C++) come to mind.

  • You can also download skype source code as its open source, and have a look at how they have implemented it and may be you would be able to use the same code provided licencing terms and usability

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