Exception 0xc0000139

  • Well, I could go insane on this topic. After "this":http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/40289/ error was solved by updating Qt to 5.2, I still can't compile. It detects my QStackWidget etc. now, but when I try to compile it gives me this:

    :-1: Exception at 0x7c9773be, code: 0xc0000139: DLL entry point not found, flags=0x0.

    WHY? I really don't want to rewrite and redesign everything. It was work of more than three weeks now.

  • HI, just guessing, but it sounds like you have got an outbreak of a Windows sickness called DLL Hell.
    If you start a new Qt Project, say a Qt Widgets application, and then just try to compile and run it (without editing any code)?

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