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Qt Creator for custom projects

  • Hello Qt developers,

    I am currently working on a project to create real time machine control applications using a few scripting languages. For that purpose it would be great for users to have IDE where they can easily create new projects starting with a Hello World application. So figured out that Qt Creator has all that stuff on board that we need.

    Basically a project consists of a QtQuick GUI (using a QML plugin), a custom script file (syntax highlighting would be great), some Python apps, some config files and maybe some C apps. The files would need to be deployed remotely using e.g. ssh. One part of the project also needs to be executed remotely on the target system (the output of this application would be also useful) and the other part (the QML GUI) needs to be executed locally.

    So I found following documentations about this topic:

    There are 2 kind of Qt projects supported by Qt Creator: pro-Projects and qmlproject-Projects. Which one of these would be more suitable for this purpose (there is now Qt/C++ code to compile).

    Is there a way to create (and use) remote targets using the wizards?

    How does the deployment tool-chain work (I would only need to copy a few files to a remote location and to execute 2 applications).

    Is there a place where I could find more about this topic?


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