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Conflicting dev Qt libs with KDE system Qt libs

  • Hello
    I'm working on Fedora 12 based on Qt4.3.0 libs
    I'm installed QtCreator 2.5.2 and Qt 4.8.5 that are last versions compliant with this kernel
    In order to execute my executables without QtCreator, I need to add my Qt4.8.5 libs in the LIBPATH thanks to ldconfig command. (have you another way ?)
    This way add permanently my libs to the LIBPATH.
    The problem is that when I restart, KDE is messing up with libs and uses Qt4.8.5 instead of its original and compliant lib Qt.4.3.0.
    This causes several graphical bugs and crashes in KDE and other applications.
    Is it a way to solve this problem ? other than :

    • using Gnome instead of KDE
    • compiling static instead of dynamic shared lib (I tried but my project is too complex and I gave up, it was no longer working at compilation)
    • I wondering if it is possible to add a prefixe to my Qt4.8.5 libs in the configure or in some file in Qt before compilation of Qt and installation. This solution could be a good/clean way to solve the problem for me. Are you aware of a solution to do this ? I found nothing in the documentation
      Thank you in advance

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    You could compile Qt in a namespace, but in my opinion this is an overkill.

    Try running your application with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to point to your Qt lib dir. Like this:
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/qt/lib

    You can also take a look at how Qt Creator solves the problem (see file).

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