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Wrong header order in QSqlRelationalTableModel

  • Hi,

    I need help/explanation about a problem with QSqlRelationalTableModel.

    This problem only happens with Oracle database and not all the time.

    For example, i create a table with this columns :
    id, name, town

    The model I get can have the header in this order :
    town, id, name

    It happens after the creation of the table or the add of a column.

    If it happens, it happens everytime. And if all is ok, it's ok all the time (I mean until next add or remove of column).

    Last time it happened, I just added a column to a table (ALTER TABLE myTable ADD myCol NUMBER). Before this, the QSqlRelationalTableModel I got was Ok. And after, I get columns in the wrong order (but always the same wrong order).

    Any ideas ?


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