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Cross References in Doxygen Documentations with different namespaces

  • Hi,

    I am using Using Doxygen to generate HTML files for the documentation and the generation of an qch file to provide help files for my classes.

    I have a library which has a QHP namespace like
    com.myCompany.someLib. Further i create tagfiles for the library.

    An application that uses the library has the namespace
    com.myCompany.someApp, and via the tagfiles the crossreferencs in the html files work properly.

    But when i import the someLib.qch and someApp.qch files in Qt Creator 3.0.1 the cross references are still displayed as links, and the class diagrams are correct. But when i click a link that should lead to the documentation of the library it can't find the file. The error is:
    Site could not be found!

    In both cases the output is $proj_root$/doc, whereas the html files are placed in $proj_root$/doc/html and the qch files are placed in $proj_root&/help

    What is necessary to have proper links?

    Thanks for help!


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