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Recompiling icu

  • Hey guys , yesterday I posted about how big icu files are , anyways I got a few solution , one of them was recompiling qt without the support of icu , but it'll take a lot of time , so I decided to compile one myself

    I used this " I'm new so please be patient with me ":
    I downloaded the source for icu and unzipped it in @ c:\ @

    2- I downloaded a a dat file which is smaller than the original one from here:

    and I replaced it with the one in the @ " C:\icu\source\data\in " path @

    3- I downloaded Cygwin which is installed in this path @ " C:\cygwin64 " @

    so I followed what he said but I didn't get the " Make sure you’ve e.g. ‘make’ installed for Cygwin " part

    I opened cmd.exe gone to the source folder using cd command , then used this @ " set PATH=C:\cygwin\bin;%PATH% " @ and there was no problem

    but when I used this @ " C:\icu\source> dos2unix * " @

    it says it's not recognized.

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    You said you installed cygwin in C:\cygwin64 but you added C:\cygwin\bin to the PATH. It should be C:\cygwin64\bin if that's the case.

  • hey man , thanks for your help , but still the same problem :( look at this:

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    Well then do you actually have the dos2unix app? I haven't used cygwin for ages but I think it was an optional package. Run the cygwin package manager again and check.

    EDIT: oh, and there should be space between dos2unix and *

  • ^

    thanks man , I downloaded dos2unix and put it in the in file

    I did what the post said and I got this at the end:

    i'm not sure what to do next ? where can I find the dll file so I can use it ?

    the last line i used is this:


    C:\icu\source> bash runConfigureICU Cygwin/MSVC --prefix=/cygdrive/c/icu/dist


    after that he says it's ready to be used , and the others are for static built qt I think.

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    I don't know. I haven't built ICU myself. Usually it's in a bin or lib folders. Look around.

    But it's not that easy. You can't just "use a dll" with your existing Qt installation unless you're 300% sure you compiled ICU with the exact same compiler, compiler version, libraries and compilation flags as the build of Qt you have (there's 99% chance you didn't).

    The next step to use such a build of ICU is to build Qt with it linked. To do this you set up paths to ICU like described in the Usage section of the page you linked and then go on to compiling Qt as described "here":

  • :(

    Thank you , I'll check it out hopefully I can understand something :D

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