Open a character device

  • Hai, We created character device in dev/ folder.

    from normal c application to open device in this folder we use open() system call, read the data from that using read().

    my question is from Qt how can I open the device and read the data from that device?

    I tired using QFile, but it is not opened.

    can any one give some example regarding this
    Thanks in advance

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    Is there possibly a permissions problem with the device you created? Is it readable by the user which is running the app?

    Can you show a snippet of your code where you're trying to open and read from the device?

  • @

    QFile *file = new QFile("/dev/fp");
    qDebug()<<"file not opened\n";

    this is tested on desktop, but my application is in embedded development board

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    How about the file permissions on /dev/fp are they reasonable for the user?

  • its not readable.

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    Do you need to chmod a+r /dev/fp then?

  • we have already root privileges in dev folder. but when i open from qt its not opened that file any thing different?

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