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Data mapping to a QComboBox

  • I am working on an invoice edit dialog. There is an invoice model that has only one row, the current order. One of the fields is payment type. On the UI, a QComboBox is used to allow the user to select the payment type. There is a table that simply contains the different payment types, having a PK and a name. The problem is that the name is being inserted into the invoice table, not the PK. Here is the code that I have:

    The Payment table:
    @CREATE TABLE Payment_Type (
    Payment_Type_Name VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL

    My Code:
    _paymentTypeModel = new PaymentTypeModel(this, _db);


    /* snip a lot of code */
    _invoiceMapper->addMapping(ui.paymentTypeComboBox, _invoiceModel->paymentTypeIdNo());

    I am thinking that I need to use the other version of addMapping and tell it to use the Payment_Type_Id. Or do I need to do something else?

    (P.S. I am using SQLite which is why the the string is being saved into an INTEGER field)

  • QDataWidgetMapper is wat you need!

  • Well, I am using a QDataWidgetMapper, the _invoiceMapper is exactly that... I am wiring it up with this line of code:

    @_invoiceMapper->addMapping(ui.paymentTypeComboBox, _invoiceModel->paymentTypeIdNo());@

    Were are you suggesting I use the QDataWidgetMapper?

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