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About the dlls that you need to run the project exe

  • Hey guys , sorry for asking lots of questions , yesterday I posted a two questions and one of them was about running the exe , and there's a guy that said there's two ways of doing it ,

    1- you copy all the dlls u need

    2- static build

    I read about static build but it was too hard to understand and also it's going to mix it up or something so the final exe would be as big " I think "

    so I have two questions:

    1- what can I do to reduce the size ? because I've made a project and it does a simple thing yet the size is around 30mb " because of the dlls " , please try to explain because English is not my first language also I'm new :)

    2- I read about upx and they said it reduces the size of dlls , so I tried to use it , but when I try to pack the dlls it says " this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action " even though my program is in the same folder with the dlls.

  • Hi,
    about the size 30 MB: your app and Qt dlls are maybe 10 MB together, the rest is for the 3 ICU51 dlls, used for "unicode and internalization":

    If you don't need full Unicode support for all the world's languages etc, it should be possible to rebuild the ICU libraries to a much smaller size.

  • Yup , about 80% from the size is from ic..51.dll files , which are 3 as you said, yes please if you could tell me how to manage them and get rid of the unwanted languages that would be great.

    , also what about upx ?

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    This user has produced a "dummy" version of ICUdt51.dll, which reduces the size from 20+ MB to 600+ KB:

  • Aha, that is a useful link thank you :-) I knew it should be possible, if you can live without support for sanskrit or esperanto (just kidding).

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    You're welcome :)

    [quote author="hskoglund" date="1395612346"]if you can live without support for sanskrit or esperanto (just kidding).[/quote]I'm sure most people will survive ;)

  • Thanks guys ,

    thank you jksh for the link , I'll check it out , but can you link a post that tells you how to do it yourself ? I searched and found that there's a qconfig but I can't find it in my computer , why ? i have Qt 5.2.1.

  • I used the post's custom dll but it doesn't work , it gives me error and when I tried to put on the bin folder in the qt's folder , and recompile my program it doesn't gives me error it just crashes! I'm using qt 5.2.1 debugger is msvc 2012

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    It looks like the versions are incompatible.

    You have two options:

    Compile ICU yourself to create a minimal package, using your compiler.

    Compile Qt yourself without ICU support.

    I don't know how to do #1, but I use "these instructions": for #2

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