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Refactor to new file

  • Hi all,

    The question I have could cause a discussion on good and bad coding practises. This is not the intention and not needed.

    In my programming course I have learned two important things about programming classes. Every class has it's own folder, every function has it's own file.

    Creator doesn't do these thing. When making a class you can give the class his own folder, no problem. But if you use the refactor to add the implementation of your function it will (always) add it to "yourclass.cpp" or the last file you edited. But is it possible to have creator make a new file in the class folder when using the refactor function?

    I hope some of you can help me with this. I hate having to make all of them using new file and hoping creator picks the right one. If this is not possible I'll proberly send it in as a feather request.


  • If you want a separate implementation file for each function, that's probably not possible.

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