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2 questions about : 1- the space , 2- after compiling

  • Hey guys , I have two question here:

    1- when I try to resize the width of a qline edit , it resizes but it goes to the right not to the left this is a pic :

    look at the q line edit , when I resize it , it goes the right and leave lots of space between the q label and it self , I want to resize it and it stays where it is instead of going to the right, meaning it gets rid of the right size instead of the left.

    2- when I compile and go to




    to check the program , when I try to run it it says it needs qt5widgetsd.dll , what if I wanted to give it to a friend of mine or something , what should I do then ?

  • I remember a guy yesterday gave me a link about QWizard , I think it'll solve my second problem , thank u.. , but what about the first one.

  • Hey guys , still waiting for your help , I think the QWizard is not what I thought it was :D

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    Please have patience. People are volunteering to answer questions on their free time and there isn't always someone to give you an immediate answer. Please try to wait a little longer than 3 hours before bumping your post. Thanks!

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    Thank you , to be honest I didn't understand what he meant , I did this like he said but it says error:


    C:>cd Qt

    C:\Qt>cd Qt5.2.1

    C:\Qt\Qt5.2.1>configure -static -release -platform win32-msvc
    'configure' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.



  • yes , but I'll check cuz i have more than one versions

  • still the same problem :(

  • Searched and found that you need to copy the dlls to the project's folder , but is there a way around that ?

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    Thank u , tried the first solution and it worked " copying files " i'll try the link that you've posted ^^ , thanks buddy for your help.

    but what about the first problem :(

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    Are you using a layout ? What about the position of spacers ?
    We need to see some code or the ui form to be able to help.

  • Thanks guys: the picture is fine as i said , but the line edit is a little big " I mean width " , I this function :


    it sets the width , but it goes to the right leaving empty space between the qline edit and the qlabel , for example when I used setMaximumWidth(40)


    look at the line edit , it got to the right , I want it next to the Qlabel "your gpa "

  • @mranger90 , thanks I think i need to use spacers " just found about it , because of u ^^ " thank u

    here is a link for anyone with the same problem

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    I like to code it's much fun , beside you need to learn to code yourself , I think :D

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