Tcp -video client

  • Hi All,

    New to Qt, started working well.

    I am developing a video client. Server is already sending a data using opencv decodeimage so i got receving .jpg image with header info .

    In the client side i did
    _pSocketVideo = new QTcpSocket( this );

        connect( _pSocketVideo, SIGNAL(readyRead()), SLOT(VideoDataRead()) );


    void MainWindow::VideoDataRead()

    VideoData =VideoData+_pSocketVideo->readAll();
       byte= MAKEDWORD(,,,;
        std::cout << byte ;
    if(byte == VideoData.size())  // here i get the required data in buffer.
        emit getFrame(VideoData);

    Here comes by problem. The received data
    void CameraView::packFrame(QByteArray ReadData)

    unsigned char FrameBuffer[1024*20];
    QByteArray CopyData;

    int i;
    int size;
    iSync = MAKEDWORD(,,,;
    iLength = MAKEDWORD(,,,;
    iSize = MAKEDWORD(,,,;
    iRows = MAKEDWORD(,,,;
    iCols = MAKEDWORD(,,,;

    // all my datas go correct here matching with the server


    here i try to match the server data and client data i am going wrong...
    FILE *fin=fopen("test.bin","wb");
    fwrite(&FrameBuffer[20],sizeof(unsigned char),iSize,fin);

    // ofcourse i dont have option of using QImage as its from opencv .jpg
    cvMat *decode =cvCreateMat(iRows,iSize,CV_8UC1);
    frame = cvDecodeImage(decode,CV_LOAD_IMAGE_COLOR);
    std::cout << "not a vaid frame ";
    // here it goes wrong ?? I am not ware why . My bins dont match... pls help

    [Edited to add @ tags -- mlong]

  • Please add @ around your code. It will format the code.

  • Which is the problem exactly? I think is not so hard to do.
    Remember that the jpg image starts with 0xff 0xd9 and ends with 0xff 0xd8.

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