Signal slot confusion

  • Hi
    I have a main window class that makes use of another class services (for example loading of a configuration file).
    My question regards how best to set up the communication between the two classes.
    At the moment I am creating the connections is the Main Window class -
    connect (m_fileManager,&FileManagement::FileManager::fileLoaded,this,&MainWindow::onfileLoaded);
    I am wondering if this is the recommended way - rather than having the first connect statement in the FileManager class?
    The reason I have done this way is so that I do not have to include the header for Main window in FileManager.
    Are there any alternative approaches.

    I know this example seems trivial but in reality things are likely to be more complex and I want to get the design correct before it is too late

    Thanks for your time


  • Well signal and slot mechanism is most recommended way for connecting between classes and it is definitely better than passing pointer of MainWindow to FileManagement.

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