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Qt 5.2.1 & JNI & Android, some basic questions

  • Hi,

    I am starting to explore the possibility to develop apps with Qt on Android devices and after reading a lot of websites, code snippets and Qt/JNI/Android documentation, I am still puzzled... The Qt environment is working well, I am able to deploy some simple Qt apps on my smartphone, but now I want to use some special Android features via the JNI interface.

    I have just some very basic beginner questions, maybe some experts may help ?

    1. How can I call a standard Android method (i.e. connect() in ? Do I really need a Java wrapper for such calls ? Or can I simply use QAndroidJniObject::callMethod ?

    2. How can I exchange data (Qt<->Android) with these Android methods (i.e. byte[] transceive(byte[] data in

    3. How can I get a Qt signal, if an event (i.e. presenting or removal of a NFC tag) is happening ?

    Thank you for your help & support :-)

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