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Disable sinking of QToolButton when pressed

  • Is it possible to disable visual "sinking" effect of QToolButton when it is pressed? I have some customized buttons with visual feedback provided by icon change, and the additional shift of the icon by 1 pixel right and 1 pixel down is unnecessary and annoying.

  • Well you always can customize QToolButton with "qss":

  • The buttons are already customized with CSS (for example, they have custom borders), but I have no idea how to disable sinking with CSS. Changing border for QToolButton:pressed does not help.

  • Can you tell me what OS and Theme you have, so i can test it?
    And show screen shot of sinking QToolButton if possible.

  • Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, Qt 5.2.1, MinGW 32-bit compiler, default theme (I do not use any custom themes). Here is a simple CSS (applied for the entire application) I use for testing:

    @QToolButton {
    border: 1px solid blue;

    QToolButton:pressed {
    border: 1px solid red;

    The 'border' property works, the button looks as a colored rectangle with an icon inside, nothing else. I can see border color changing when the button is pressed, but there is also a visible move of the button icon right and down. The icon is set by the QToolButton::setIcon method in the code and (in the test case) is the same for all button states.

  • I have found "this thread": and tried to use QProxyStyle, but without success. I have created a subclass of QProxyStyle, FlatToolButtonProxyStyle, as suggested, and applied it to my tool button:

    @ui->toolButton->setStyle(new FlatToolButtonProxyStyle);@

    It does nothing. Moreover, when I run the application under debugger, pixelMetric method of FlatToolButtonProxyStyle is never called.

  • The same just happened to me. pixelMetric simply wasn't called because I forgot to declare it const.

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