UpdateNode - Software Update and Messaging System

  • Hi there,

    we are proud to announce the public Beta release of our update and messaging system, called UpdateNode ("http://www.updatenode.com":http://www.updatenode.com)

    UpdateNode allows you to define updates and messages online using our service. You can define flexible updates and messages for specific versions, multilanguage and with custom execution parameters. Once you have defined your update, or message, you will need to integrate our "Qt based Open Source client":https://bitbucket.org/updatenode/unclient into your product. The integration is quite easy as the client is an executable and you can integrate it even without any changes on your product's code.

    UpdateNode is completely free for Open Source projects - for commercial products, we offer a 30 day full trial and various plans.

    Take a look at UpdateNode and give us feedback and/or support us.

    We love Qt and are ready to support it!

    "Create a free account today":http://www.updatenode.com/

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