Media Player: How to play disc (DVD), how to put a background image in QVideoWidget

  • Hello, guys.
    I'm a newbie, I am using Qt 5.2.1 with MSVC 2012 32-bit compiler (working with Windows 7 - 32 bits). I am studying the media player example, but I want to implement two changes in it. I searched the issues, but I have not found them: First, I want to add the functionality "open disc" present in many players (like a DVD, for example), so the playlist read the disc (the titles and chapters). But I don’t know where to start. Second, I want to put a background image (.png) in VideoWidget (the class that inherits QVideoWidget). I tried something like
    @ setStyleSheet("background-image: url(:/Images/wall1.png);"); @

    anyway I could not do it. Any help is welcome. Sorry for my English and thanks in advance.

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