QT Blues Screens While Editing Combobox within Group Box

  • Hello there! I am relatively new to QT. Wanted to report a problem, and ask for help.

    Whenever I move a combobox within a groupbox my Windows 7 box will bluescreen.

    What might be the problem?
    What sort of info can I provide to help you guys determine the issue? (crash dump perhaps?)

  • Could you describe step by step what are you doing before windows goes blue screen. Do you start application, designer, etc?
    For me it sounds like you have some major issue with OS or computer.
    Do you move a combobox in your application or in designer ?
    If it is in your app then put here the code that handles the move.

  • OK

    Step one

    1. Open Project in QT creator
    2. Move combobox around in designer. ( it only exists in designer)
    3. Computer blue screens.

    It seems to be ok for short moves, but more than a second or two of dragging causes a blue screen.

    I have integrated graphics, and a 3 monitor set up.

    Anything else I can get you that will help?

  • Should be something with your graphics setup, if you switch to mirroring instead of separate desktops, does Qt still crash?

    If you have something like the Intel HD4000 graphics, check you have Windows 7 SP1 installed, also consider downloading the Intel driver for it (not use the one that comes with Windows 7)

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