In QTextBrowser backwardAvailable is false after first link is clicked

  • In this example:
    QTextBrowser * b = new QTextBrowser;
    connect(b,SIGNAL(backwardAvailable(bool )),this,SLOT(backwardAvailable(bool)));
    QString html = '<html><body><p>Test</p><br/>
    <a href="#anchor1">Jump to 1</a><br/>
    <a name="anchor1">This is anchor1</a><br/>
    <a href="#anchor2">Jump to 2</a><br/>
    <a name="anchor2">This is anchor2</a>
    whichever link is clicked first, the value of 'available' passed to the backwardAvailable slot is false. Subsequent clicks pass true.

    This doesn't seem right and I don't see how I can return to where the user clicked first time.

    Any ideas?

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