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Writing to a file

  • Hi,

    I am reading a txt file and comparing the values, and I want to substract max and min values and output all the values in a txt file or display on the screen when I push the button. please find the code below for comaprision

    for (row = 0; row < 550; row++){
    QByteArray line = file.readLine();
    QList<QByteArray> numbers = line.split(',');
    for (column = 0; column < numbers.size(); column++) {
    data = numbers[column].toInt();
    if (data > max[column])
    max[column] = data;

                if (data < min[column])
                    min[column] = data;

    result = (max[column] - min[column]);

    and the ouput is like output of the result[row][column]
    row =1

    It works perfectly fine for comparision and subtraction, I can output each column output separately but I want to output array[columns], subtracted values at once, I stuck there

    any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Hi,

    I don't understand what do you want do.

    at line 12 'result' is computed once per row with column equals to numbers.size() +1

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