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Visual Studio, QtDesigner, Custom Widget integration

  • I've been building custom widgets using Cmake/Visual Studio to handle compiling my plugins.

    The problem is every time I rebuild my Qt plugin, I have to copy my module from my VS build directory into QtDesigner's plugin directory. In addition I have to copy any other dynamic libraries I've linked to with my plugin to QtDesigner's bin directory. Is there a way I can set QtDesigner to look in my project's build directory so I don't have to keep copying files after every rebuild?

    Edit: My goal is to be able to hit Build, then launch QtDesigner from VS via Qt VS add-in and have my custom widgets available to use right away. No copying to directories needed.

    Edit2: Looks like setting my VS build directory to my PATH handles QtDesigner's requirement for libraries linked to my custom widgets. Now I just need to point QtDesigner to my build directory for plugins.

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