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How to add different widgets in same position inQGridLayout

  • Hi,
    I am making a Qt widget application having following wigets: button1, button2, label1, label2.
    I have a QGridLayout having two rows.
    In row 1 I have button1 and button2. Now if button1 is clicked then label1 is displayed in row2 and if button2 is clicked label2 is displayed in row2.

    Here is my code:
    QPushButton *btn1=new QPushButton("click1");
    connect(btn, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(disp1()));

    QPushButton *btn2=new QPushButton("click2");
    connect(btn1, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(disp2()));
    gd=new QGridLayout();


    void MainWindow::disp1()

    QLabel *lb1=new QLabel("label1");   


    void MainWindow::disp2()

       QLabel *lb2=new QLabel("label2"); 


    Whats happening is label1 and label2 are getting overlapped but i want to display only one at a time.
    I have also tried adding label1 and label2 to QFrame and then using frame1->hide() and frame2->hide() but some flickering of screen is there and a warnig is also displayed "Attempting to add QLayout to QFrame , which already has a layout"

    Kindly help.


    [edit: code tags added, koahnig]

  • "Please use code wrapping tags.":

    I see two different possibilities either using "replaceWidget": or use "setVisible(false)": for the widget, you do not want to see and vice versa. This can be used for QLabel and QPushButton and lot others.

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