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What is the best way to learn developing application using Qt?

  • Hi I am working on QT from last 5 to 6 months and I could not quite get through the designing qt application step by step other than simple application examples which are included in QT creator 5.1.2 After then i started to study about design patterns in qt by referring "Introduction to design Patterns in c++ with QT by A.Ezust and P.Ezust" which i found quite interesting and valuable to c++ enthusiastic.Now i am looking for such sort of books or tutorial for developing basic logical application with full description of codes and design patterns.
    Could you guys give me that sort of info about books or tutorial or something like that stuff.

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    "Here": you can find an interesting list of books that are good. Even if most of them are written for Qt 4 the basics still applies and the examples might just need minor modification to work with Qt 5.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi,
    I especially liked the Introduction to design patterns in C++ using Qt. It's more a C++ book, but it is based on Qt. So a lot of easy Qt stuff comes along. There is also a guy on youtube (voidrealms) that has about 100+ short movies on the net to give some introduction to Qt. Also nice.
    Greetz and happy coding!

  • Thanks for info

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