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QPrintDialog not saving settings?

  • Hello, I'm working on a photobooth application :

    I'm having some trouble with QPrinter and QPrintDialog.
    As you can see in my code, I keep a QPrinter object as an attribute of my main window. When the menu button print settings is clicked I open a QPrintDialog for it.
    What bugs me is that if I select a printer and options, click [OK], and then click print settings again, my changes are not there, the printer is back to the default one and if I select the one I want again I see the default settings.

    Do someone understand what is happenning? How is QPrintDialog supposed to be used when we want to save the settings for later?
    Also, is it possible to save theses settings in a QSettings object? Right now I save each setting I can separately but it's not really great.

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