Unable to compile anything

  • Using a fresh install of Qt Creator, I am unable to compile anything including any of the demo projects, or any of my own. I installed Qt Creator on a fresh install of XP on VMWare and it works and compiles fine. My computer is running Windows 7 x64. When attempting to build one of the demo projects, there are several build errors as seen in this screenshot: http://imgur.com/QJUCN.png

    Also, here is a paste of my Compile Output:

    When building it using VMWare on Windows XP, the output looks like:

    It seems like it is using files within 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98' when it should not be, although I am not too sure. How would I go about fixing this?

  • Guessing Win7 x64 is using WOW64 to run a 32bit app on a 64bit OS, that would explain why it's looking under C:\Program Files (x86)\

    I notice they have a 32bit and 64bit build for Linux but only 32bit for Windows, this might be the problem, but not sure.

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