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Absolute Newbie to PYQT got a very simple question....

  • Hi all,

    Please excuse the simpleness of this question it's my first and i'm new to this, if i dont ask i'll never know !

    I want to replicate a UI i created and tidy it up using the user interface of QT, does this mean starting from fresh or can i import my py file ? I'm guessing not and if thats the case does PYQT just do the layout as i'm having real trouble finding how to populate a combo-box with thecontents from a directory tree in windows, if this is something i should code back in Python as already have code that works like this:

    @def sel_Browse():
    fldr = filedialog.askdirectory(initialdir=(path))
    prjtnm.delete(0, END)
    prjtnm.insert(0, os.path.basename(fldr))@

    i can merrily carry on dragging and dropping widgets into the QT workspace to arrange them and then code it all back in Python, but if you can add code on the fly in PYQT to test can anyone let me know how ? regards.

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