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[SOLVED] Location of the sources for tutorial "Getting Started Programming with QML"

  • I cannot find the sources for this tutorial. I found "this post on the forums from 2010": but unfortuantely I still cannot find it! I've cloned the Qt repo, but I think I have the main one (and the wrong one), and there looks like there are a variety of repositories on Gitorious, but none that jump out at me.

    So, does anyone know where this is located now? What is the URL for the repository? The post mentioned above simply gave a path to the files in a repository, but not which repo exactly.

  • Hello and welcome to devnet,

    i could find it here: "Getting startet":

    bq. The complete source code is in the examples/quick/tutorials/gettingStartedQml directory.

  • That's funny. The post I mentioned has this same problem. I'm looking for the source code for the program talked about in the tutorial, not the tutorial itself!

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    The tutorial says: "The complete source code is in the examples/quick/tutorials/gettingStartedQml directory", inside your Qt installation folder.

  • Yes, I know it says that, but the installation I have on my machine at work apparently doesn't include that. So, I checked when I got home and lo and behold, there it is, right where it says it's supposed to be! Along with a lot more example source that I don't have on the other machine.

    I'm going to have to look at what I installed at work, but I believe I performed the on-line installation on both computers... Perhaps I unchecked something during the installation.

    It would be good, though, if the tutorial stated that it should be in the download. The path is relative, but relative to what? I'm beginning to wonder if the free documentation is put together in such a way to drive business to the paid Qt model... Ok, maybe that's overstating it.

    Oh, well, there they are.

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    Glad you found them.

    IIRC, there is an option for "source files" that can be checked/unchecked.

    The open-source and commercial versions of Qt use exactly the same documentation. The commercial-only modules (e.g. Qt Commercial Charts) simply provide additional documentation, but don't alter the shared modules. (It would be a pain to maintain the docs otherwise)

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