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QtContacts in QT 5.2

  • Hi, I want to obtain the contacts from my cell phone, reading a lot of forums I found many examples using QtContact, then I realice that those examples were for old versions, using qt mobility, I was confused by this cause these module isn´t in the qt 5.2 so, how can I obtain the contacts using qt 5.2????...
    Please I need help whit this. I also found that I can download those modules from gitorius or something like that, but I have a lot of errors when I try to compile them, always with the headers for example
    #include <QtVersit/qversitdocument.h> <-- this header gave an error if I changed like this #include <qversitdocument.h> works, but there are hundred of classes that I have to do the same. Is there an easy way to do what I want to do? Obtains the contacts from my cell phone.


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