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How to access Q_property by its name ?

  • Example:

    class Test : public QObject
    Q_PROPERTY(QString TestName READ GetTestName WRITE SetTestName)
    QString GetTestName();
    void SetTestName(QString name);

    how to access the above property value ?
    can we use like below,

    QString str = TestName;

    I know that it can be done like QString str = GetTestName();

    But i need to do in the 1st method,, is that possible in QT ?? if not then wats the use of Q_Property ? directly we can manage through set & get functions.."TestName").toString(); is not at all working.
    it is giving error for"TestName") and string conversion is not at all possible.

    any other possible way ?

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    Please wrap all code on this forum between '@' tags.

    You can access the property using:

    Where QObject is the instance of your Test class.

  • The use of properties is that you can access the properties of any QObject, even if you know nothing about it.

    Suppose you have a function that takes a QObject. You can check what properties are there, and you can use them:

    @void foo(QObject* obj)
    // From help on QMetaObject::propertyCount()
    const QMetaObject* metaObject = obj->metaObject();
    QStringList properties;
    for(int i = metaObject->propertyOffset(); i < metaObject->propertyCount(); ++i)
    properties << QString::fromLatin1(metaObject->property(i).name());
    // Now you have a list of all properties names
    // But QMetaProperty also gives you a ton of other information, and you can use QMetaProperty::read and QMetaProperty::write to access the property

    "Gamma ray": is an excellent tool that allows you to view the properties of your objects while your application is running. It really shows the power of introspection.

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