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New Qt Mobility MapPOI Collector app: Cloudmade

  • Hi All,

    The initial version of CloudMade MapPOI Collector app is released today!

    Now we have a separate repository for POI Collector: "":

    What we have now:

    1. Current version of MapPOI-C has a basic functional: add, delete and edit a POI (Point Of Interest)
    2. OSM functionality is consolidated in osmdatasorurce class and can be moved into separate library/plugin pretty easy.

    Would be cool to hear your feedback and look for an additional release in a few days!

    Nataliya Volkanova
    Cloudmade Team

  • That worked out of the box, which is always very nice. And generally speaking the app works smoothly.

    Some misc comments:

    • there is no 'neutral' state for the cursor, i.e. panning the map with mouse (click) will always try either to add, remove, or edit a POI. No biggie but is a bit unintuitive first.
    • There are console warnings when clicking a POI "Application asked to unregister timer which is not registered in this thread. Fix application.". It is worth having a look at, as it potentially can cause very difficult errors to debug
    • the default password credential seems a bit explicit :)

  • Thank you for feedback and check our MapPOI Collector app!

    Work on updates is already in progress, so new version shall be released soon!
    Re: password - :-)

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