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[Solved] Question on Qt Linguist

  • Hello,
    I have a question around Qt linguist.

    In my application, We have Multilingual support implemented already. It has been implemented in our own way, using custom made language files.

    Now, we have decided to switch to Qt for the GUI.
    We are exploring if we can make use of Qt for multilingual support.

    Since the existing multilingual support code is very tightly coupled with existing modules, we cannot remove them. So, even if we use Qt for multilingual support, we would keep the existing code as well.

    As far as now, the existing multilingual support implementation works fine.

    Am quite interested in going for Qt's multilingual support, provided i can say "these" are the advantages we get over Qt.

    So here is my question:

    If we choose Qt for multilingual support, what are all the advantages we get? How it will be helpful for me for the future customization? If there are not much benefits, I would stick to existing implementation itself.

    Please help me out.

    My apologies, if my question is not clear.

    Thank you,

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    Qt translation support is nicely integrated with the whole framework, so in general it's good to use it. But when you have an already working system, I think it will be easier (and better) for you to continue using it.

  • Thanks for your reply Sierdzio :)

  • Anyone has any other opinion? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

  • Well as sierdzio mentioned why change something which works? But on the other hand Qt translation support is great. I don't know how convenient your solution but it is very easy maintain Qt translations. Also Qt Linguist tool is great too.
    You can create little app or script and change all string entries in source code and import your translation file in to .ts xml file.

  • Having 2 different kinds of translation in one application would be more complicated than necessary, so unless you can convert all the existing code to the Qt methods, you shouldn't do it. No matter how easy the Qt tool set is.

  • Thanks qxoz and ScottR, for your replies. With all your suggestions, am taking up this to the discussion with my team here. I will keep you posted on the decision we make. That would be interesting for you :)


  • Hi qxoz and ScottR,

    We have decided to go with the existing translator for now.

    But by keeping in mind that we want to switch to Qt at later stage, we decided to make improvements to the existing that would let us to integrate Qt quite easily.

    In the existing system, the library (data) was tightly coupled. So, it was not so easy to integrate. Now, we are in a process of loosing it. So that, it would become easier for Qt integration.

    Thank you for the support.

    -- Kumar

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