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Qt Installer framework - Customizing the UNINSTALLER

  • I am not able to get a hold of customizing the un-installation process, though I could succeed to some extent customizing the installation process. I am looking for a way to delete few files that are outside the installation location. For example: during the installation I created symbolic links to the application inside /usr/bin, and after un-installation I want to delete those files. How do I do this.

    When I register for the signals "installationFinished" my functions in the script gets called, but surprisingly the signals "uninstallationStarted and uninstallationFinished" never gets called. Not sure why? Also in qinstaller.h we have the below code for identifying different state/stages of installation, but how can I get similar information for un-installation?

    @enum Status {
    int status() const;

    enum WizardPage {
        Introduction = 0x1000,
        TargetDirectory = 0x2000,
        ComponentSelection = 0x3000,
        LicenseCheck = 0x4000,
        StartMenuSelection = 0x5000,
        ReadyForInstallation = 0x6000,
        PerformInstallation = 0x7000,
        InstallationFinished = 0x8000,
        End = 0xffff

  • I know that, I can use the UNDOEXECUTE operation, but then every UNDOEXECUTE must be precededby a DO operation. In my case there might not be a DO operation and still I might have an UNDO operation. So I was trying to perform all these tasks when the uninstallationStarted and uninstallationFinished signals were called. Any help for all the above questions is highly appreciated.

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