Make install: Fatal error

  • Hello,

    iam new and i would compile the qtquickcontrols on my pc with qmake && make install.

    I became the following error:
    In file included from qquicklinearlayout_p.h:46:0,
    from plugin.cpp:44:
    qquickgridlayoutengine_p.h:57:43: fatal error: QtGui/private/qlayoutpolicy_p.h: file or directory not found

    In the file qquickgridlayoutengine_p.h I found the following lines:
    // W A R N I N G
    // -------------
    // This file is not part of the Qt API. It exists for the convenience
    // of the graphics view layout classes. This header
    // file may change from version to version without notice, or even be removed.
    // We mean it.

    What must i do to compile the qtquickcontrols.

    I have cloned the stable branch today and i use QT 5.2.1.

    Thanks for help.


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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Qt 5.2.1 already contains Qt Quick Controls. You don't need to compile it manually.

    Just download and install Qt 5.2.1 from

  • Hello.

    Thank you for your answer.

    The qtquickcontrols on gitorius are newer. For example he has a calendar control. So i must compile the controls, but it does not work.

    I hope, anybody can help me.


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    I don't think you can compile a new version of Qt Quick Controls just like that -- it will conflict with the version that came with Qt 5.2.1.

    If you want the new features, you should download Qt 5.3.0 alpha and compile the whole thing:

  • Ok, i have understand what you mean.

    I have take a look into the file qquickgridlayoutengine_p.h on Tag v5.2.1 and i find the following includes:
    #include "qgridlayoutengine_p.h"
    #include "qquickitem.h"
    #include "qquicklayout_p.h"
    #include "qdebug.h"

    In the stable branch and Tag v5.3.0-alpha1 the file has the following includes:
    #include <QtGui/private/qgridlayoutengine_p.h>
    #include <QtGui/private/qlayoutpolicy_p.h>
    #include <QtCore/qmath.h>
    #include "qquickitem.h"
    #include "qquicklayout_p.h"
    #include "qdebug.h"

    I think QtGui/private/qgridlayoutengine_p.h is new in QT v5.3.0 and i have no chance to compile this with QT v5.2.1, because the qgridlayoutengine_p.h does not exist.

    I can wait for the stable of v5.3.0 to test the new controls or i install the alpha in a vm.

    I understand the warnings in the header file better now.

    Thanks for the note and have a nice day.


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    Glad I could help :)

    A pre-beta of Qt 5.3 was JUST made available. You can grab it here:

    The full release will be at the end of next month. Won't have to wait long!

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